Dr. Donald Hagen


Professor of Physics
Director Cloud and Aerosol Sciences Laboratory

B.S. Physics, University of Dayton, 1965
M.S. Physics, Purdue University, 1967
Ph.D. Physics (Theoretical solid state), Purdue University, 1970

Dr. Hagen directs the Cloud and Aerosol Science Laboratory (CASL) and leads a major research program studying of combustion aerosols, with a focus on gas turbine and rocket engine sources, and the evolution of these aerosols in the atmosphere. He is a principal investigator on research grants sponsored by NASA, AFOSR, USAF, USNAVY, Boeing, Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, the European Economic Community, the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense, and Princeton University. His research interests include:

  • Aerosol Science
  • Combustion aerosol technology
  • Jet and rocket engine emissions sampling
  • Nucleation and water microphysics
  • Quantum mechanical calculations (MNDO) for molecular clusters and crystals
  • Electronic structure calculations for clusters and solids
  • Numerical cloud modeling
  • Cloud simulation experiments
  • Droplet growth, ice formation, scavenging

American Physical Society, Sigma Pi Sigma; Alpha Sigma Tau, Air & Waste Management Association