Dr. Philip Whitefield



Emeritus Professor of Chemistry
Director, Center of Excellence


B.Sc.(Hons) Chemistry, University of London - Queen Mary College, London, England

Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, University of London - Queen Mary College, London, England, 1979

Prof. Whitefield, currently leads an internationally recognized research program associated with the chemical and physical characterization of aerosols, the Missouri S&T COE, Center of Excellence for Aerospace Particulate Emissions Research. As director of the Missouri S&T COE he coordinates a team of researchers from academia ( Missouri S&T , MIT, Georgia Tech and Univ. Illinois), the federal government, (NASA, FAA, DoD, EPA) and the private sector. In particular, he studies the aerosols generated by aerospace activities. This research program, initiated in 1990, has three major thrust areas – emissions measurement, interpretation of emissions measurements and the development of novel state of the art instrumentation tailored specifically to support the measurement and interpretation thrusts. This research has resulted in, to date, externally sponsored funding in excess of $20M.

Prof. Whitefield is the principal investigator on research grants currently and/or recently funded and/or sponsored by NASA, FAA, AFOSR, USAF, USNAVY, Boeing, Pratt and Whitney, General Electric, the European Economic Community (EEC), the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense. Dr. Whitefield is the Principle Investigator for Missouri S&T  as one of the founding Universities in the FAA NASA Transport Canada Center of Excellence for Noise and Emissions and is project leader for the Emissions component. He is also the project lead for database development for the “National AEC Roadmap" team. He is or has been an advisor to NASA on emissions environmental impact for the Vehicle Systems Program, the Ultra Efficient Engine Technology (UEET) and Atmospheric Effects of Aviation (AEA) Stratospheric Aerosol Science, Near Field Interactions, and Emissions and Trace Chemistry committees, and the AIAA Technical Committee on Atmosphere and Environment. He is also currently advising the DOD on PM emissions measurement strategies for the H-1 helicopter and the JSF aircraft. Prof. Whitefield serves as a scientific advisor to the Joint Planning and Development Office (JPDO) Environmental Integrated Product Team (EIPT), is a member of SAE E-31 committee on aircraft engine exhaust emissions measurements and one of the lead scientists for the Aviation Emissions Characterization (AEC) Roadmap.

The SAE Aircraft Exhaust Emission Measurements E-31 Committee, ACS, AIAA Technical Committee on Atmosphere and Environment and Combustion Institute