Max Trueblood


Sr Research Aide, Cloud and Aerosol Sciences Laboratory


B.S. Physics, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, 1970
M.S. Physics, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, 1973

Mr. Trueblood has been with the Cloud and Aerosol Sciences Laboratory since May, 1977. He has spent most of the time making and characterizing aerosols. Some of these specialized aerosols include carbon aerosols from combustion of liquid fuels, organic aerosols for ice nucleation, hybrid aerosols with an insoluble inner core and a soluble outer layer, ceramic aerosols, and aerosols made from laser dyes. Some of the aerosol instruments he has been involved with are the differential mobility analyzer (DMA), the condensation nucleus counter (CNC), the continuous flow thermal diffusion chamber (CFD), the alternating gradient diffusion chamber (ALGR), the diffusion battery (DB), the laser particle counter (LPC), the tandem differential mobility analyzer (TDMA) and the deliquescence differential mobility analyzer (DELDMA).