Dr. Prem Lobo

 Associate Director Center of Excellence

In front of Norwood Hall, close up

B.E. Chemical Engineering, Bangalore University, India, 1999
M.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Missouri – Rolla, USA, 2003
M.S. Engineering Management, University of Missouri – Rolla, USA, 2005
PhD. Environmental Science, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, 2015 


Dr. Lobo joined the Center of Excellence (COE) in May 2003. He was Assistant Director from 2006-2012, and was promoted to Associate Director in May 2012. As Associate Director of the Center, he directs the day to day operation and fiscal administration of the Center, and provides expertise and leadership to the research program. 

In 2007, Dr. Lobo was selected to participate in the University of Missouri Administrative Leadership Development Program. Dr. Lobo completed his PhD. in Environmental Science under the supervision of Prof. David Raper at the Centre for Aviation Transport and the Environment (CATE) at the Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK. His disseration topic was titled "Impact of Alternative Fuels on the PM Emissions Characteristics of Gas Turbine Engines".

Dr. Lobo is an Investigator for several projects related to emissions research in the Partnership for AiR Transportation Noise and Emissions Reduction (PARTNER), a FAA/NASA/Transport Canada/US DOD/US EPA-sponsored Center of Excellence, and ASCENT (Aviation Sustainability CENTer) - the FAA Center of Excellence for Alternative Jet Fuels and Environment. Dr. Lobo has also been an Investigator on several projects funded by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA),  the Transportation Research Board (of the National Academies), US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), General Electric, and Shell Global Solutions. 

He has been a team member for a number of NASA and FAA sponsored emission measurement tests – APEX1, Delta Atlanta Hartsfield Study, JETS-APEX2, APEX3, GE Alternative Fuels Study, AAFEX, University of Sheffield APU Study, AAFEX 2, and A-PRIDE 2/4/5. Dr. Lobo has coordinated experimental design and field measurements, and managed the data reduction and analysis, and reporting activities at Missouri S&T for these campaigns. He was a member of the PM database taskforce evaluating the data from these campaigns and was responsible for updating and maintaining the database. 

Dr. Lobo has also been Test Coordinator for several missions related to the development of an Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) for aircraft non-volatile PM measurements, including demonstrations and inter-comparisons of ARP compliant systems. These demonstration have primarily been conducted at the SR Technics facility in Zürich, Switzerland and at several engine manufacturer facilities in North America. 

He has been the lead author or co-author for 30 technical papers and reports on aviation-related emissions characterization and impacts assesment.  He serves as a reviewer for papers submmitted for publication to the leading journals in field such as Aerosol Science and Technology, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Atmospheric Environment, Energy & Fuels, Environmental Science and Technology, Journal of Aerosol Science, and Journal of Propulsion and Power. 

In 2016, Dr. Lobo received a three month International Short Visit grant awarded by the Swiss National Science Foundation to work on a project at ETH Zürich. 

Dr. Lobo serves as a member of the Transportation Research Board's (of the National Academies) standing committee on the Environmental Impacts of Aviation (AV030), and is the chair of the Alternative Aviation Fuels subcommittee. He is also a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Aircraft Exhaust Emissions Measurement Committee (E-31). He contributes to the Aviation Emission Characterization (AEC) Roadmap, an interagency collaboration which helps develop policies that minimize the environmental footprint to allow continued growth of aviation. Dr. Lobo also participates in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)/CAEP/WG3/PMTG MEASURE adhoc group as a subject matter expert.

In his spare time, Dr. Lobo loves to explore the world and has visited over 355 cities, towns, and villages in 34 countries. He is also an avid endurance runner and has completed 15 full marathons and 23 half marathons, since 2007. 


2016 Sustainable Aviation Research Society (SARES) Young Scientist Award
2012 NASA Group Achievement Award - Alternative Aviation Fuel Experiment Team
2010 NASA Group Achievement Award - Alternative Aviation Fuel Experiment (AAFEX) Team
2007 NASA Group Achievement Award - Aircraft Particle Emissions Experiment Team
2005 Arnold Air Force Base Annual Technical Achievement Award - JETS APEX2 Team
Best Graduate Teaching Assistant 2002-03, Department of Chemistry, University of Missouri-Rolla
Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant 2001-02, Department of Chemistry, University of Missouri-Rolla


American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, American Association for Aerosol Research, Society of Automotive Engineers, Transportation Research Board